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Business Terms

Terms & Conditions

The following are terms of a legal agreement between you and Techhelp and its associated companies. By booking a service or by accessing, browsing, and/or using anything on this site and the server it’s hosted on, you acknowledge that you agree to be bound by the terms below and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Techhelp is an independent operation and not associated with any other business or company.

Details as follows:

CRO Registration No. 604549, VAT: 4211156N

Registered Office at: 80 The Grove, Simonstown, Celbridge, Co. Kildare.

Trading Address: Unit 17, Lucan Shopping Centre, Lucan, Co.Dublin.

1. Authorization

The client authorizes Techhelp to conduct an evaluation of the machine sent to determine the nature of the damage and provide an estimate of repair cost and timing.

The evaluation fee is €20 for windows machines & €35 for Apple machine’s and no work beyond this evaluation will be charged without explicit client approval.

Water damage and Non-Operating Phones will be charged €20 – €35 as an evaluation fee.

2. Diagnosis Report

Diagnosis will only be completed to the direction of the problem or fault been described by the customer and only valid for that time. Please note there could be additional faults or issues with a machine that can only be found once the initial fault is secured or fixed.

It is the customer’s responsibility to describe all faults they wish repaired when filling out the booking form. no other faults will be repaired unless they are obvious to our engineers and this remains at our discretion.

All quotes or estimates are valid for 7 days only, New estimate will be needed after 7 days.

Insurance quotes for repairs,

We write letter-headed certified insurance quotes for your insurance company for a minimal fee of  €35.

3. Service Agreement

Techhelp staffs install software whether provided, requested or required for a efficient running of your machine. Techhelp only installs trial versions of paid software or software that is licensed to the public under the GPL (General Public License). Techhelp does not charge for the cost of software, We only charge for our labor. In all circumstances its the customers’ responsibility to keep their software Licensed.

Please note:

  • We don’t accept any accessories i.e.(Charger, Bag, Leads, Covers, Sim-card, Memory cards, Drives, Controllers) for machine left in for repair unless asked to do so and we don’t accept any liability of missing of any of those either.
  • Techhelp has no liability for any device left on our premises without booking. (i.e.. holding device for a short period of time, Memory cards, USB, documents lefts in the printing device, charging etc)

Please Note: Physically damaged machines can not be returned to factory condition. If there is a problem with our service to you, please let us know by email or phone and we will work our best to remedy the problem as quickly as we can.

4. Data backup and liability policy

Its customer’s responsibility to back up their data, software, information stored on discs or drives before booking a repair. Please ask a staff member in advance for help if needed we can assist our customers with data backup at extra cost.

In no event will Techhelp be liable for any damage, loss of data, loss of revenue or profits, or any special, incidental, contingent, or consequential damages, however, caused, before, during or after service even if Techhelp has been advised of the possibility of damages or loss to persons or property. For the avoidance of doubt, Techhelp has no liability for any data lost or any damage incurred in any circumstances whatsoever.

5. Confidentiality

Techhelp agrees not to disclose any and all information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from client’s equipment except to employees or agents of Techhelp subject to confidentiality agreements or as required by law.

6. No Fix, No Fee Policy

Our No Fix, No Fee policy means –

If the Technician is unable to diagnose your problem or does not have the knowledge or skill to repair the problem. you don’t have to pay.

But If the engineer provides the diagnosis of a failed component or able to resolve the problem or affect the repair, but is only prevented from doing so by the customer requesting not to proceed with the work, then the customer has to pay the diagnosis fee.

7. Unclaimed, abandon Goods policy.

if any goods not collected or claimed within 30 days and no effort from the customer is made to collect it or contacts us, these goods will be transferred to storage unit after 30 days and a cost of € 20/ week will be charged to the customer to store it and after 3 months if goods still not collected or any contact made by the customer to collect it they will be treated as abandon goods and will be either disposed off or sold to recover the cost of parts, storage charge and time spent by Technician on the machine, Under no circumstance Techhelp will be liable for any losses. We will make our effort to contact you by details provided to us in the booking form.

Return and Refund Policy (goods only, not applied to services).

We offer 14 days return policy fo items explained below; 
  1. Sealed, un-opened Items in their Original packaging  provided no damage has been done to them  including to their packaging.
No Returns are accepted for refund or exchange if; 
  1. Product sold is opened, used, packaging damaged, missing items.
  2. Software, Games, Videos, or  used Computer parts are non-refundable and non-returnable.
  3. Special or custom ordered Placed by customer.
  4. Any product that is un-hygienic to resell can not be returned.
  5. Pre-owned or refurbished products i.e Phones, Tablets, Laptops once sold can not be returned for refund, if products develop fault Techhelp can choose either to repair or replace them at their discretion and this will be dealt with on the highest priority level.

TECHHELP is not obliged to give refunds or credit notes under the below circumstances even if you show proof of purchase.

  • You were told about the defect before you bought the item (for example, if the goods were marked ‘shop-soiled’).
  • You examined the item before you bought it and should have seen the defect.
  • You bought the item knowing that it wasn’t fit for what you wanted it to do.
  • You broke or damaged the product.
  • You made a mistake when buying the item.
  • You change your mind.

All the above does not affect your consumer rights and is in compliance with Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act, 1980 .

NOTE : Proof of purchase is required for return or refund request, all refund will be made by same mode as  initial payment was made.


Warranty terms;

A. New Goods warranty:

All New goods sold in Store or Online by Techhelp are covered by their Manufactures warranties only.

Techhelp as a seller of products makes no claim of providing any kind of warranties themselves expect passing Manufacture warranties to buyer. We advise all claims should be made directly with the Manufacture or their authorised repair centre where possible  .i.e for Apple devices please contact the Authorise Apple repair centre.

Due to GDPR obligation, Techhelp no longer can deal with Manufacture’s on the behalf of customers, all repair claims has to be made by the customer themselves. We can always assist or help customers with locating the nearest manufacture’s repair centre or providing their contact details or any info they need.

B. Refurbished goods warranty:

All  Refurbished goods sold with minimum 3 months Techhelp warranty only unless otherwise stated, this also includes used devices.


C. Repair service warranty :

Warranty claims can only be processed and approved by our repair centre technicians, Techhelp reserved the right to determine the cause of the fault.

12 Months Warranty on Genuine, OEM Parts only and  3 Months warranty on Replacement / Generic / third party Parts.

All New Genuine & OEM  Tag parts installed by Techhelp holds a 1-year warranty.

All Replacement / Third party parts installed by Techhelp holds 3 months warranty only.

All Software repair holds 30 days warranty and Hardware repairs hold 3 months warranty.

Warranties are limited to supplied parts & service only that have been paid off except explained below.

Our Warranty Does Not Cover
  1. Water damaged devices.
  2. Tampering with the device or parts supplied or third party interference.
  3. Faults with other parts or functions of the device, except the function we repaired not covered under warranty.
  4. Damage  resulting from attempted repairs by the customer or any third party or any human damage void all warranties
  5. Damage from wear and tear will not be covered, applies to all products specially to charging ports & accessories.
  6. Software issues are unrelated to the repair done by Techhelp.
  7. Any data loss as a result of the repair, to avoid any confusion data is not covered under any warranty in any cases.
  8. Changes to your device’s configuration as a result of hardware or software repair.
  9. Any accidental damage, physical dents, breakage, cracks, drops, spillage, (screen bleed, lines on internal LCD show in the picture below), scratches will void all warranties. 



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