Baseus Home Mosquito Lamp Purple Vortex USB White (ACMWD-ZX02)



  • Brand: Baseus
  • Name: Purple Vortex-USB Mosquito Lamp
  • Weight: 460g
  • Material: ABS + PC + PC-leather
  • UV wave band: ~368nm
  • Size: 12cm * 12cm * 22cm
  • Input voltage: 5V/500mA
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  • Surround type Photocatalytic violet light. Photocatalytic mosquito, safe and efficient.
  • Concealed lamp shade. Concealed lamp shade design, It’s not harsh in the dark.
  • Centrifugal pressure, To prevent escape. Once the mosquito is sucked into the capture grid, it is difficult to escape the strong vortex generated by the fan.
  • Button belt, Easy to use. Button belt, To load and unload, Can be hung, You can put it anywhere.




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