Free recycling also available in-store

Whenever you like, and without buying anything new, you can take to our local  store  that you no longer want for free recycling.

For the free recycling of your waste batteries, you’ll find dedicated bins in our TechHelp store. Here you can deposit AA or AAA batteries, plus batteries used in computers, mobile phones and wrist watches.

We don’t accept industrial batteries or car batteries or large size equipments. For more on how to dispose of these, please contact your supplier or local council.

Please Note: 

If you’re bringing a PC, tablet, laptop or mobile phone for recycling in-store please ensure any personal data is removed first, TechHelp  in any condition can not be held responsible for your data. if you wish to get your data wiped professionally we can offer you this service, please ask the staff for this fee.

for all your queries please email using our contact us form.