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Battery replacement

Battery Replacement

We stock Branded and OEM batteries for most SmartPhones, we can fit most of the smartphone batteries in 30 mins and  with 6 months warranty as well.

battery is not taking charge and not holding charge

SmartPhone Battery Replacement

  • Google Pixel Phone battery Replacement
  • OnePlus Phone battery Replacement
  • Nokia Phone battery Replacement
  • Xiaomi Phone battery Replacement
  • Mi Phone battery Replacement
  • Huawei Phone battery Replacement
  • Sony Phone battery Replacement
  • Samsung Phone battery Replacement
  • iPhone battery Replacement

Defference between OEM vs Replacement Batteries

OEM Batterries:

OEM stand for Original Equipment Manufactures, OEM batteries are those which are originally supplied and fitted to device when they built new with the company logo they supplied to i.e APPLE, Huawei, SAMSUNG etc, OEM batteries also available to buy by customers or shop but without companies logo to save copyright issues.

PROS: They are most safer to use, higher quality cell batteries and has longer life span. CE & ROHS approved.

CONS: They are more expensive to buy than third party replacement, sometime they are not available to buy for certain models.

Replacement Batterries: 

Replacement batteries are been manufactured by third parties nothing to do with original manufactures, they usually have third party logo or no logo’s at all.

These batteries are manufactured with low quality  cells, sometime rebuilt from broken batteries to keep the cost low.

PROS: Cheap to buy, easily available.

CONS: Lower quality material, not always have original capacity, Failure rates very high, shorter life span. ROHS, CE certification  not always available some times only CE logo copied but no  actual certifiaction records.