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Apple screen repairs

Apple screen repairs we offer

  • iPhone screen repair
  • iPad screen repair, replacement
  • iPod screen repair , replacement
  • iMac screen repair, replacement
  • iMac glass repair, replacement
  • Macbook glass repair, replacement
  • Macbook Pro glass repair, replacement
  • Macbook Pro screen repair, replacement
  • Macbook Air screen repair, replacement
  • Macbook Pro Retina screen repair, replacement

Orignal Vs Replacement(Copy) Screens

Note: Word replacement screens  means third party part which is cheaper and lower in quality as compare to original, it doesn’t mean it is original quality replacement or part to replace original part.

Techhelp offers both Original & Replacement quality screens to their customers 

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) screen, Manufactured by:

LG, Sharp,Toshiba, Fujitsu, Japan Display and Apple iPhone OLED screens also supplied by Samsung

Replacement( Copy) screen Manufactures are : 

TianMa, JingDong Fang, LongTeng, AUO, ShenChao, NCC & ESR etc 

Most common qualities offered listed below by ranking started with quality level .

  1. Original (Official with brand logo) 
  2. OEM( Original without  official brand Logo )

                          Copy / Replacement Lcds 

    3. Refurbished Screens (Original lcd used from broken screen & copy touch is installed).

    4. In Cell / Premium copy lcd ( best & highest quality replacement screens) Made by ESR & Colour X NCC  lcd. 

    5. High Copy or Grade A+ ( TianMa, JingDong Fang, LongTeng, AUO, ShenChao)  these screens have yellowish display 

          colours and low brightness. 

     6. Replacement or Grade A (low grade quality, cheapest price made by  TianMa, JingDong Fang, LongTeng, AUO,  

         ShenChao)  these screens have blueish display colours & low brightness compare to all above.

                                             Orignal/ OEM    VS          Replacement or Chinese  Copy 

Pros:  Cheaper, Easily available Cons: Lower quality, Low brightness, Performance issue, Lower refresh rate, Higher battery drainage, Break easily, Some function of iPhone  might get disabled (True tone function, 3D touch,Haptic Touch), Screen display will not work with polarise glasses. 

Replacement Screen(Generic / Copy part)

The basic truth you need to know;

  • In some cases,  Customer don’t  even know what is the  difference between Replacement and Original screens and in some cases shops will not tell them either, especially since it’s not in shops’ interest to draw people’s attention towards the quality and long term affects of using these parts.
  • Many Repair shops do not offer choice to buy OEM or Original parts, because the fact Original parts  cost them more to buy and profit is less in selling them, they want to sell and use cheap copy or replacement parts so they can keep the price down and at the same time make more profit by selling more. 
  • We always advise our customers to go for the Original or OEM  screen. The difference in price is generally small, but the quality is far better.
  • Copy / replacement Generic screens damage your device & reduce the life span of device components , you might save a little money in front but in longer run you will end up paying much more comparatively 

Our Say : 

Our answer is simple- the original screen is the one we’d go for ourselves, every time. We recommend originals because they’re far higher quality & reliable and the price difference is not much and no damage done to your machine. 

We’d rather only fit original screens. The only reason we  also offer replacement screens cos many people shop around and choose purely on the basis of cheaper price. As such, we need to offer the cheaper copy/replacement screens to remain competitive and avoid losing these customers. 

In some cases,  Customer don’t  even know what is the  difference between Replacement and Original parts and some cases shops will not tell them either especially since it’s not in shops’ interest to draw people’s attention towards the quality and long term affects of using these parts. 

Our Advice: 

  • Always ask about the deffrent quality choices shop can offer you. 
  • Always ask what is make of the part and search about their quality and reviews 
  • Try to purchase longer warranty parts 
  • Buy OEM or Original Parts if price deference is not much also if you can afford