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Motherboard Repairs / Replacement:

We provide motherboard repairs and replacement that are not beyond economic repairs – we normally advice our customers when and when not to replace their laptop or desktop pc motherboard. We do full chip stress tests, chip reflows/rebakes, port resoldering and video repair

Loss of power to your laptop can mean a failure somewhere on the motherboard need motherboard repairs . We will test all components and circuitry on the planer board to determine the cause of short or malfunction – checking and diagnostics are at affordable price.

We can help with your Motherboard Issues:

Power but no boot: Bad Input/Output controller chip, or bad video chip. Symptoms: The LED light Turing on but the computer still doesn’t boot, you need us for your motherboard repairs.
Shut down/hang when move: Open circuit, loose connection, cold solder Symptoms: shut down when move the laptop
Intermittent booting: Bad video chip, bad input/output controller chip Symptoms: Laptop has power but gets hard to boot. If you press the power button and the central of the keyboard at the same time, laptop will boot.
No power at all: Bad power chip, open circuit, short circuit, or loose connection. Symptoms: Nothing showing up when you press the power button
AC adapter turns off when plugged to the computer: Short circuit, short components Symptoms: The LED light on the AC adapter turns off do not wait you need your motherboard checked , call us for your motherboard repairs.
Broken power jack: Loose connection, cold solder, broken jack Symptoms: Need wiggle to connect, no power at all, intermittent power up
System hangs: Bad video chip, bad hard drive controller, bad CPU controller. Symptoms: System hangs when the windows starting, running for 5-10 minutes, or playing DVD
No charge: Bad charging chip, bad diodes, bad inductor, bad power jack, or open circuit Symptoms: Works with battery but it doesn’t work with AC adapter, no power at all
Graphic Problems: Bad video chip on the board or bad LCD Symptoms: Vertical/horizontal lines, distort colour, flickering, intermittent booting
Over heat: Bad thermal chip, bad fan Symptoms: Restart unexpectedly, shut down randomly
Doesn’t recognize devices: Loose connection, cold solder, bad input/output controller chip set Symptoms: doesn’t recognize hard drive, USB ports, Digital card, CD ROM, PCMCIA, wireless card etc.
Cannot go to the internet: Bad Input/output controller, bad Ethernet chip and wireless card, loose connection, cold solder Symptoms: No Internet signal (the page cannot be displaced)
Laptop has blue screen (pictures): bad hard drive, bad hard drive controller, bad input/output controller chip set.
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